Shops, hairdressers, hair and nail salons and any other store on the Costa del Sol will benefit from a virtual tour. So that potential guests can look around your store virtually. It’s a great way to learn more about your store and what you have to offer.



Although 360 photo and video has been around for several years now, we’re still in the early days of this unique technique.

This offers great advantages for those who see the potential and are looking for innovative ways to improve their online presence, client experience and SEO.

SEO, you might wonder? Yes, offering a 360 virtual tour does increase the way the search engines value your online presence, especially when you add your tour to Google Street View.

And since doesn’t really break the bank to have your very own 360 virtual tour produced, there is no good reason not to carefully consider this for your business.

We’re extremely grateful for the way Visual Impact has been helping us. Not just with a high quality virtual tour, but also in the way they have been thinking along with us, to boost our online presence.
Guest Apartment La Chancla
Thank you, Visual Impact, for producing such a great Google Street View tour for us. We have noticed an increase in visitors in just under 3 months.
Chiringuito La Farita

Less than 20% of entrepreneurs currently offer virtual tours. So you are ahead of 80% of the competition if you have one.

Giving your potential customers an option to ‘look in’ can make all the difference between spending their money in your store or your neighbors’.

This technique responds to the current consumer need to find sympathetic, personal suppliers. Small entrepreneurs they can identify with. In contrast to online ordering from large internationals.

A virtual tour shot from a chocolate shop in Málaga